General FAQ

Welcome to the General FAQ! Here you’ll find answers to common questions and errors. It is organized into sections to make finding answers easier.

Downloading Rigs of Rods

Q: Where do I download the latest Rigs of Rods version?

A: You can find the latest version on GitHub.

Q: Where do I find old RoR versions?

A: You can find old RoR versions on SourceForge.

Q: I run Linux/MacOS, where can I download RoR?

A: On Linux, You can either download a prebuilt package or compile from source using these shell scripts on apt-based systems. (Recommended)

Due to the lack of MacOS developers, the last MacOS supported version is 0.37.

It has been confirmed that the latest version does work in WINE.


Q: What happened to the old websites?

A: Quote from @Hiradur on GitHub:

The website was handed over from tdev to only_a_ptr, the new project leader. 

Because the old website had security flaws it's been reworked from scratch which is why it took so long.

A blog post explaining everything that happened with the old website may be found here.

Q: Why did the domain switch to

A:Simply put, The *.org domain makes sense as RoR is open source.

Q: What happened to my old forum account?

A:tdev removed all user data before transferring the website to @only_a_ptr.

Archive links/Installing content

Q: Where can I find the wiki/repository?

A: You can find links to the archives here.

Q: Where can I find the content packs?

A: The content packs have been uploaded here.

The file includes the content pack files also, so no need to download both.

Q: Where can I get vehicles/terrains?

A:You can find mods on the Repository, Content section of the forum, the old Repository archive, and the vB forum archive.

0.4+ terrains may be found on the Repository.

Q: How do I install terrains/vehicles?

A:On Windows, the RoR user directory is located in %userprofile%\Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.x and on Linux it is in ~/.rigsofrods. (On Linux, you may have to enable “show hidden folders”.)

Most *.zip files can be simply placed in the packs folder. Or you can place maps in the terrains folder and vehicles/loads/etc in the vehicles folder if you want to be more organized.


Q: What happened to the servers/Why does clicking ‘Update’ in the Configurator show “Outdated game used!”?

A: An “Outdated game used!” page was added for old versions that do not support the [new master server API.](]

You can still connect to the old RoR servers if you know the IP/Port, a list of the current official legacy servers can be found here.

Q: I get a “wrong server version” error when trying to join an MP server!

A: This means you’re trying to join a server that is running an earlier/later RoRNet version than what your current RoR version supports. RC3 is the last version to support RoRNet 2.37. The new version, RoRNet 2.38, is available in

To check which RoRNet version your RoR version uses, head over to the About tab in the Configurator:


AppVeyor/Development builds

Q: How do I download an AppVeyor build?

A: First, make sure you have the VS 2017 x86 Redistributable installed.

Then go to the RoR AppVeyor project page, select a build from the list marked in green (A build marked in red means the build failed) click the Artifacts tab, then click bin\ to start the download. After downloading, extract the zip into a new folder (Do not extract into your current RoR install folder!) and run RoRConfig.exe.

To update, just redownload the zip from a newer build.

Builds marked as 0.4.x.0-NB-xx is from the upstream (master branch-Recommended builds), and 0.4.x.0-NB-xx-yy builds are pull requests.


Q: I get a MSVCP140.dll/MSVCP110.dll/MSVCP100.dll error when starting RoR!

A: You’re missing the required Visual C++ x86 Redistributable:

Install the correct version that matches the .dll name in the error then restart your PC.

Q: A terrain freezes RoR while loading with an InvalidStateException error in the RoR.log!

A: Delete all *.mapbin files in the cache folder. This error is fixed in


Q: I found a bug, Where do I report it at?

A: You can report bugs and other issues on RoR’s GitHub repo issue tracker.

Make sure your issue hasn’t already been reported.

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