Welcome to the documentation for Rigs of Rods!

Here you'll find gameplay guides as well as tutorials and technical information for content creators.


New to Rigs of Rods? Check out these pages to help you get started:

General FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions.
Common issues - Known problems with running RoR and how to fix them.
Installing the game - Help with installing the game.
Beginner's Guide - A guide for new players, teaches the basic controls and gameplay mechanics of RoR.
Installing content (mods) - How to install new vehicles and terrains.
Controls and configuration - Where you'll find the controls list, along with guides on how to set up controllers and other input devices.
Vehicle AI - An introduction to the new AI feature.


Interested in modding the game? Start here:

Vehicle creation:
Installing addons - A guide on installing addon parts from the Repository.
Truck file format - Information on the file format that defines every vehicle or object in the game.
Soundscript file format - Information on the file format used to define vehicle sounds.
Alternate skins (skinzips) - A guide on understanding the format used to create and share custom skins.
Blender mesh editing - Learn the basics of editing existing vehicle models in Blender.
Terrain creation:
Terrn2 file format - Information on the file format used to define a terrain.
Editing terrain objects - How to place objects on terrains using the built-in editor.
Object file format - Information on the file format used to define static objects.
L3DT Map Making - A full guide on bringing a terrain created in L3DT into RoR.
Stunt Rally 3 Track Editor - Full guide on exporting tracks from Stunt Rally 3 Track Editor into RoR.


Website - https://rigsofrods.org/
Forum - https://forum.rigsofrods.org/
Repository - https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/
Multiplayer server list - https://forum.rigsofrods.org/multiplayer/
Discord server - https://discord.gg/rigsofrods


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