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General FAQ

Welcome to the General FAQ! Here you'll find answers to common questions you may have about Rigs of Rods. It is organized into sections to make finding answers easier.

For info regarding errors and/or crashes, see: Common issues

Downloading Rigs of Rods

Supported operating systems

Rigs of Rods is officially supported on 64 bit Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11, and Linux.

Windows XP & Vista are no longer supported as of version 0.4.8 RC5.

32 bit is no longer supported as of version 2020.01.

MacOS hasn't been supported since version 0.37 due to lack of developer interest and outdated dependencies currently used by the game.

Any other platform (ChromeOS, and iOS/Android) are not supported and likely never will be.


The latest version can be downloaded from the home page or

If you decide to download from Itch, we recommended using the Itch desktop app as you'll receive updates automatically.

If you need help, see: Installing the game


The Linux version can be downloaded from

It is recommended to install using the Itch desktop app.

Development builds

If you want to try out the newest features and improvements to RoR, you can download the latest development build from

As these versions contain the latest code, unexpected issues may occur!

You can report bugs and other issues on RoR's GitHub repo issue tracker.

Make sure your issue hasn't already been reported.


The issue tracker is only for issues relating to the latest development build. if you're using an official release, please post on the correct support forum instead.

Old versions

You can find previous RoR versions on SourceForge. These versions are entirely unsupported!


Downloading mods

You can find mods on the Repository and the content section of the forum.

For more info regarding installing mods, see: Installing content (mods).


The forum archives have been partially unavailable since September 2020.

A backup of the old Repository files may be found here. Another backup of a VBulletin forum (prior to the switch to XenForo) may be found here.

Please note that the archives contain older versions of mods which may not be compatible with the latest RoR version. Always check the current Repository for the latest versions.

Downloading mods from unofficial sources

If you search for RoR mods on Google or YouTube, you'll likely find car mods that aren't available from the Repository. Almost all of these mods contain models ripped from other games/websites, which goes against our Terms of Service. They are not allowed on any of our services, including multiplayer. May also contain viruses and/or malware.

Further reading:
ToS - Stolen content
Stolen Content (Bus Epidemic)


To play multiplayer, see this section of the Beginner's Guide.

Wrong server version

This means you're trying to join a server that is running an older or newer RoRNet version than what your current RoR version supports.

The latest version, 2022.12, supports RoRNet 2.44.