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Version 2020.01 FAQ

Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 brings some important changes to how players interact with the game. This page should answer any questions you have about these changes.

Version format change

Until now, Rigs of Rods has used the semver release format (0.38.x, 0.39.x, 0.4.x). Starting with version 2020.01, we now use date-based versioning. All future versions will now start with <year>.<month>


In 2016, we (the RoR developers) released version During the following years, lots of bugfixes and new features were added. We wanted to include them all with the next release,, but new bugs and technical issues prevented us from doing so.

So on January 2019, the first release candidate, 0.4.8 RC1, was released as a test build. As with all test builds, bugs were found and the next release candidates (RC2, RC3, RC4) followed.

But as we made more changes and bugfixes, mods became dependent on the development builds to function properly. The current stable release ( became too old to support them. However, the game still had some major glitches holding back an official release. As a solution, we decided to release 0.4.8 RC4 as a replacement to, followed by RC5 a few months later.

With RoR now considered 'stable enough' to do another stable release, we wanted to break away from release candidates. The original plan was to finally officially release, however compatibility issues with the Documents user folder (explained below) made it nearly impossible to correctly handle upgrades. After long discussions on Discord and GitHub(1 / 2) we ultimately decided to change the version format.

User folder location change

Since 0.38, the user directory, where mods and configuration files are stored, was named after the version number (Rigs of Rods 0.38/0.39/0.4). All 0.4 versions have used the same Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4 directory. Over time, the config file format has received major updates, making it increasingly difficult to be backwards compatible. In most cases, attempting to upgrade from older versions caused RoR to either outright crash or have other major glitches.

Starting with version 2020.01, the user directory has been moved to Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods. The My Games folder is used by a large amount of modern Windows games to store configuration files, so it is fitting for RoR to use it as well.

The user directory on Linux will remain in ~/.rigsofrods for now.


On first run, players with the old directory will receive a notice about the directory change. To continue using your mods, you will have to move your mod directories (mods on recent RCs, or packs,terrains, and vehicles on older versions) to the new My Games\Rigs of Rods directory. RoR itself will not move the folders to prevent data loss. The Installing content page has been updated for the new directory.

Settings and input mappings

At the moment, players who already use 0.4.8 RC5 can move the config and savegames folders from Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4 to the new directory without issues.

For those running older versions, DO NOT move the config or savegames folders. Version 2020.01 is not compatible with anything older than 0.4.8 RC5.

If you have input maps for controllers (separate controller .map files, not an edited!!) you will have to move those to the new config folder to continue using your input devices.

End of 32 bit support

Beginning with version 2020.01, Rigs of Rods will be for 64-bit systems only due to unfixable bugs with 32 bit builds. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.