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This page exists as a clarification for the following rule:

Terms of Service#BACKSEAT

Do not backseat moderate

If you see a post that violates these guidelines, don't worry, a moderator will see it soon.

Do not post a message (or say, as a part of your message) telling someone to follow these guidelines.

In general, it is preferred simply to let moderators notice and address problems.

Do not reply if a person bumps a thread, instead report the post and wait until a moderator handles it.

If you find a severe problem (i.e. someone making personal attacks, posting inappropriate pictures or other things that need to be addressed immediately), please use the Report button to report the post.

Do not backtalk moderators or admins

Don't give attitude to moderators or admins doing their job.

If you have a problem with something, open a thread in forum support, or send them a polite PM - perhaps there's a misunderstanding.

Do not argue when you disagree about an infraction you got. If you think the infraction is totally inappropriate, contact the person who gave it to you politely and describe your opinion precisely.