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This page exists as a clarification for the following rule:

Terms of Service#BEGGING

What is begging?

  • Asking for someone to release something.
  • Asking when something will be released.
  • Asking an author to post his/her creation.
  • Asking for any updates of a project.
  • Telling someone to create something.
  • Asking an author to include updated pictures of his/her project.
  • Bumping your topic to say "plz can som1 help me plsplspls".


Because it's impolite. Nobody gets paid here. Everyone is a volunteer. Projects may be done quickly, or they may be done slowly, or they may even languish and die.

Do not be impolite towards people taking their time to contribute. You are encouraged to offer praise. You are not allowed to make demands.

So I can't make any suggestions?

You can absolutely make suggestions and give constructive criticism, as long as they aren't cloaked begging.

For example, I suggest you release this would be begging. I suggest you change the windows in X way is not begging.

There's a difference between asking someone to do something, and suggesting a method of doing something they're already doing...

Also, it's about politeness. The more polite you are; the more helpful you're being; the less likely it is that something will be taken to be begging.