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Stolen Content

This page exists as a clarification for the following rule:

Terms of Service#STOLEN CONTENT

Authorship Requirements

When creating or modding:

  1. You may freely use your own creations (of course).

  2. You may use the RoR creations of others if the original author approves (they may give a blanket statement (You may mod this as you wish..) or permission might be granted on a case by case basis) and credit is given.

  3. You may use third-party creations if you follow the terms and conditions below Usage of 3rd party content.

Also you must be able to verify that you may use 3rd party material. If the original author stated nothing about copyright, then you must ask him/her!

Why do these polices exist?

If someone were to steal copyrighted work (for example: a Need for Speed 3d model) and used it in RoR/uploaded it to the forums or repository, then the author/copyright holder (in this example, Electronic Arts) could sue the RoR website for copyright infringement. Such a lawsuit would likely be quite costly, and possibly spell the end of RoR. It is therefore imperative that all copyright regulations be followed.

Usage of 3rd party content

  • Using content from Sketchup Warehouse: Forbidden

  • Using content licensed under a Creative Commons Licence: allowed, except if licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND or CC BY-ND, those are forbidden as modifications are not allowed. Giving credit and a source is always necessary when posting on this forum, even if licensed under CC-0. This way we can easily check if the model is legit for this website.

  • Using copyrighted content (this is what you get from most 3D model websites): Only allowed if you have written permission from the original author (or all authors if there were multiple persons involved), even if the website itself states that all models are free to use. You need to send us a screenshot of this permission before uploading or showing pictures.

Usage of content from banned members

Generally it is allowed to use or post screenshots of content made by members who are now banned from the forum.

There is one exception: If a member is known for many violations of stolen content rules (especially if he/she was banned for this), content of this user may not be shown, modified, reuploaded etc. We will not provide a list on that as we don't want to create a "wall of shame", so please inform yourself which content might be affected by this rule. If you are unsure, don't post.


If you are caught stealing copyrighted materials you will be punished accordingly. It may lead to you being banned from uploading content to the repository, or banned completely from the RoR website. Copyright violations are considered serious rule breaches and are not to be taken lightly.