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This page exists as a clarification for the following rule:

Terms of Service#USELESS

Bumping of threads

This is disallowed when the target is only to get the thread up to the top of the list again without any meaningful content in the bumper.

If that happens, those bumpers may be deleted instantly. Do not reply to bumped threads, instead report the bumping post and wait for a moderator to take action.

Also make sure to not reply to old WIP threads to ask for progress or download links. If the author had made further progress, he/she would have posted it on his own.

If you want to reply to an old thread first think about if the reply is really necessary. If a discussion has ended 6 months ago don't bring it up again even if you think that you have great arguments.

Manually added signatures

Do not manually sign your posts. That's what the "signature" area is for. You can find it in your profile settings.

What are manually added signatures?

Anything you type at the end of all (or nearly all) of your posts. Most simply and typically, it would be your name or username.

Why is this not allowed?

Because that's exactly what the signature box is for. Manually adding a signature might allow you to get around or otherwise not follow the signature guidelines.


It's GREAT to quote parts of a message you're replying to so everyone can understand the conversation. However, excessive quoting is worse than no quoting.

  1. For large posts, do not quote the entire post.
  2. Do not quote images or videos.
  3. Only quote what's needed. Delete the parts of the quote that aren't needed.