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Special components

Command hydraulics - commands


A command is a beam  that has "Commands" that make it extend/retract and so forth, The command beam has many uses, From being a Hydraulic arm to a destruction tool, Some of the things you can do with commands...

  • Open hoods
  • Make lifting arms
  • Adjust ride heights
  • Make extending parts
  • Make winches
  • Many, many more uses too!

One example (in picture below) - all of the moving parts are made by using Commands:


Connection utilities

This is a guide how you can use the different connection methods in RoR.

  • ties: these are beams that grab a node and pull them tight
  • ropes: like ties, just don't tighten itself
  • hooks: nodes that interlock with other nodes or ropables


The documentation about ropables can be found here


The documentation about ties can be found here

Ties (as commands) can only work over an RPM of 800 and might request more power from the engine when being used.

So basically define a tie on the transport truck and a ropable on the load you want to tighten.


The documentation about hooks can be found here

Hooks lock against nodes in a search area of 40 centimeters.